CTC accounting is an accounting firm based in Dubai founded in 2015 with over 50 years of combined experience. As the years have gone by, we continue to grow and achieve new milestones. We believe you can too. We are here to support SME challenges with flexible a-la-carte services, valuable financial support and guidance, local and global accounting practices, all while providing you with the best formed employees.

Why CTC?

CTC has been awarded with two ACCA certificates. Since 2021, we have received the “Professional Development” certificate that recognizes our high standards for staff training and development and our motivation in ensuring that ACCA affiliates and members have the right skills, ethics, and competences. Furthermore, we have also been awarded with the “Trainee Development-Gold” that proves our commitment to ensuring ACCA students have the right skills to add value and drive to the business. Furthermore, we follow the IFRS (International Financials Reporting Standards) for SMEs.

CTC is also partnered with ZOHO finance which is an “integrated suite of financial applications for your business”, allowing our accounting services to give you the ultimate results. We have done more than 100 accounting set ups with Zoho books, Zoho expenses and Inventory, allowing us to be referred as a Premium Partner.

How are we the right match for you?

We understand that SME’s are different from large organizations, they rely on resourcefulness and creativity to grow. They need to have the same achievements as a large organization while having a smaller budget. We are here because we want to give you the same opportunities that bigger companies have and while these companies have an in-house finance controller, you have us.

Wondering if we’re worth the investment?

Book a FREE consultation with our specialists. We will guide you through VAT implementation or Company accounting setup.

Our story - From “aha” moment to accounting business

At CTC Accounting, we work with numbers.

On the surface, this may not seem like the most creative of pursuits.

But creativity is what brought us into the world.

Caroline Thevenot, Founder & CEO of CTC Accounting, has worked with companies of all sizes for over 20 years. She has lent her expertise to companies as an accountant, cost controller, finance manager, and CFO.

Over the years, Caroline noticed a gap in the market. With the rise of start-ups in the UAE, there was a clear lack of affordable and reliable financial talent.

This could deeply impact a growing company’s development.

So Caroline put her entrepreneurial mindset in action, and offered her services to a company looking for admin support. She could see that they also needed financial support. She said, “What about hiring me part-time so you can enjoy the services of a Finance Manager without the full cost?”.

They were sold.

This creative solution brought CTC Accounting to life.

And we have been serving small and medium businesses ever since.

Meet the Team

In CTC Accounting, we are a qualified team, composed of Finance Business Partners, Financial Controllers, Tax Agent and support group of Accountants specialised in working with small and medium companies. The team regularly attend trainings to constantly updated its business knowledge.


Caroline Thevenot

Founder & CEO

Caroline is Founder & CEO of CT Consultancy, with a French
Masters in Economics & Business Administration, specialising
in finance, and over 20 years of experience working with SME
companies, in Dubai since 2005. She is a passionate Finance
Manager and CFO who is continuously inspired to work with
start-ups and facilitate growth.

Her mantra: Integrity

Linkedin: Caroline


Fatma Sybille Bouzaidi

Finance Business Partner / COO

Multi-lingual and qualified in France with a Master’s degree in
Economics & Business Administration, Fatma is an essential part of
the team with over 15 years of finance experience, during which she
developed her expertise in providing finance training and ensuring
that organisations follow accounting processes and procedures.

Her mantra: A solution can be found for each challenge

Linkedin: Fatma


Yamna Baouche

Finance Business Partner 

Fluent in French, Arabic and English, with a Bachelor’s degree in
Commercial Sciences, Yamna holds an MBA in Financial Management, she is also qualified with the UAE-GCC VAT compliance diploma
and has nine years of experience working with a mobile operator and 3 years with CTC Accounting.
She is positive and proactive with analytical skills and a responsible

Her mantra: Success does not come to you, you go to it

Linkedin: Yamna

MicrosoftTeams-image (8)

Mehdi Haddouhe

Finance Business Partner 

Mehdi graduated with Master’s degree in Auditing and Accounting. Fluent in French and English, he has four years of international experience in Luxembourg and France with KPMG and Mazars, in Accounting, Auditing, Financial Analysis and Management Control with specialization in small and medium entities.

His mantra: Teamwork makes the dream work

Linkedin: Mehdi


Aurelie Espiegle

Financial Controller

Aurelie holds a bachelor degree in Accounting and Management and also an ACCA member. She has over 5 years experience in the audit sector with specialization in tourism, manufacturing and construction industry. Fluent in English and French. She considers herself as an energetic, self-motivated and hardworking professional who aims to acquire practical and valuable experience in the financial sector. She listens to client needs in order to help them achieve their objectives.

Her mantra: Where there is a will there is a way

Linkedin: Aurelie


Zineb Chibel

Financial Controller

Zineb graduated with Master’s degree in Auditing and financial controlling, Fluent in French, Arabic and English, she has six years of experience in Financial Analysis, Pricing Analysis and Auditing in the bank, industrial sector, automotive sector. She also possesses strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Her mantra: Everything is possible to anyone who dreams, works and never abandons.

Linkedin: Zineb

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Manuela Guidotti

Financial Controller

Manuela graduated with a bachelor in marketing and a specialization in accounting and treasury. She has more than 30 years of experience in accounting and administration with German, Italian, American, Danish and Swiss companies, from small to large organizations in finance and trading. Fluent in English, French, Italian and with basic notions of German. She is a good listener, attentive to any request, and she will always seek the best and tailored solutions to meet client needs.

Her mantra : the ability to cope with whatever life throws at her.

Linkedin: Manuela


Sadia Siddique

Financial Controller 

Sadia holds a certificate in Accounting and Finance (CA) and currently studying towards the ACCA qualification. She is a member of ICMA-India, associate member of CFE - Pakistan, associate member of IFA- UK, associate member of IPA-Australia. She holds graduation degree in Economics. She has over 10 years’ experience in the audit and accounts sector with specialization in banks, manufacturing, and construction industry.She considers herself as a continuous learner.

Her mantra: Determination, Hard work and Consistency to achieve goals.

Linkedin: Sadia

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Mohamed Hanifi

Tax Agent 

Mohamed Hanifi is an FTA approved Tax Agent across the UAE with an in-depth practical knowledge of the VAT legislation and clear understanding of the principles of VAT as well as its application. Holder of a master’s degree in accounting and Finance with 6 years’ experience in accounting and audit firm. He has demonstrated an outstanding performance in multicultural contexts as he speak Arabic, English and French.

His mantra: Don't stagnate, Innovate!

Linkedin: Mohamed