Accounting bookeeping


Our accountants will pass all entries through an accounting software including: sales invoices, expenses, salaries, depreciations, prepayments, inventory entries, and much more. They will follow the principles of IFRS and they will do the entries in compliance with the VAT UAE laws.

Monthly reporting accounting

Monthly Reporting

In order to drive your business in the path to success, it is important that you stay on top of your figures through bookkeeping. Most companies in UAE require a monthly financial report that provides a summary of the performance of several business processes, our Financial Controllers will do this for you with a monthly Profit & Loss and updated balance sheet.

Backlog accounting


Do you have an accounting backlog leading back to a few months or even years? Our accountancy and bookkeeping process can take up the entire work to complete the books of accounts and generate financial statements as well as other kinds of internal management reports.

Audit preparation accounting

Audit Preparation

Your accountant or part time accountant can prepare all the documents and information needed by your auditors, identify significant changes, and draw up a timeline before and during the audit.

AR AP Accounting


Our accountants will outline the outstanding invoices your business has or the money your clients owe you, while also calculating the outstanding bills your business has. You can also take advantage of our accounting services which will take care of paying your bills and request payments from your clients by sending them statements of accounts and follow up their payments.

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