What is the Association for Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)?

CTC Accounting has been accredited with two ACCA (Association for Chartered Certified Accountants) certificates. It recognizes our commitment for our staff training and development. Let’s discover what it really is.

What is ACCA

ACCA is the global body for professional accountants. It provides well-known qualifications for students and accounting professionals, as well as a wide range of trainings and lots of documentation.

The association has a world-wide community of more than 500 000 members in 179 countries.

For students, ACCA offers several rigorous and renowned qualifications to become a finance professional. Several educational partners allow studens to follow these qualifications. Furthermore, the association also offers online learning solutions via a dedicated learning platform to improve access to continuous training.

For employers, ACCA provides a large base of well-trained candidates who graduated from one of the ACCA qualifications. It also offers the possibility to train and develop internal talents with the offered training solutions.

CTC Accounting’s awards as an ACCA Approved Employer

The association pays attention to the commitment and efforts of the employers towards the professional development of their employees.

The Approved Employer program recognizes employers’ high standards of staff training. Since 2021, CTC Accounting has been awarded two certificates.

The “Professional Development” certificate acknowledges our motivation in ensuring that ACCA affiliates working in our company have the right skills and high standards of ethics.

The “Trainee Development-Gold” certificate proves our commitment towards our ACCA students in having the right qualifications to add value to the business.

ACCA affiliates in CTC Accounting’s team

More than 9 employees at CTC Accounting are ACCA affiliates or students.

We ensure that they have ample time to follow their studies and that professionnal members of our team train them.

It is our way to ensure you the best level of services in taking care of your accounting and tax requirements.

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