Company Valuation

Whether you want to sell or buy a business, fully or partly, you will need a Valuation. There are several ways to find the value of a company, and depending on the situation, we can choose the most effective way to do so. We can do an indicative valuation using the valuation of a company formula: “Multiple of Future Maintainable earnings" or a Limited Valuation, using a mix of several methods.

Internal Audit

If you have suspicions that something is negatively impacting your finance department but you aren’t sure what it could be, CTC will evaluate your company’s internal controls, including its corporate governance and accounting processes. This service ensures the compliance with laws and regulations in Dubai and will help maintain an accurate financial report.

Business Strategy

We can establish several scenarios for the future of your company. In addition to this, our experienced CFOs and CFO services can create a strategy for your business and guide you.

Buying, Selling and Merging Business

Our team can help you if you want to buy, sell or merge a business. Use us to carry out due diligence, valuations, forecasts, bookkeeping and more.

Corporate Recovery

Did your business suffer from a pandemic or simply from the economic reality? We can set up a schedule of measures in order to facilitate a business recovery.

Business and Profitability Improvement

By measuring different KPIs, and implementing a set of accounting measures, including cost control, CTC can help companies to have a better profit and improve its cashflow.

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