Can’t justify a full time CFO right now?.... We have the answer!

Your CFO, working virtually or on-site,  will provide the stewardship and leadership of your accounting team to be sure that your accounting records are compliant and accurate.  You can be confident that you’ll have the historical information base you need when making decisions about the future of your business.

Your CFO will do more though than just record history, they will guide you and support you to be able to ‘create history’.  They will be your trusted advisor that every business owner or senior leader needs.

Here’s how:

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Budgeting is a process in which an accurate thought out plan is created in order to organize and keep track of expenses. Our accounting firm offers this part time CFO service by staying in coordination with your sales team, purchase team, and your management forecast. We prepare your budget, compare it every month with the actual figures, and we prepare a reforecast every quarter/semester.


Cashflow Forecast

A cashflow forecast shows how much money you can expect your business to receive and pay out over a set period of time. As part of the accounting and CFO services, CTC will prepare an annual cash flow forecast (long term cash flow) which will allow you to know when your business will encounter difficulties or not. We will also edit your cash flow analysis every month with the projection for the next 3 months (short term cash flow).


Creation of Company Financial Dashboard

CTC will track your relevant finance KPI’s, and compare and analyze them every month in order to meet your company’s financial objectives.

With this powerful tool all your questions will be answered in one or 2 pages.

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