Why They Hired an Accounting Company to Support Their Business in Dubai?

Meet with Karine and Alexandre, founders of the French version hairdressing and beauty salon “Version Française” in the heart of the urban district of Dubai Marina. They launched the salon in 2006. At this address, which has become historic for connoisseurs of Dubai, a new address is born a few steps away in the same district of Dubai Marina, a few steps away, another French version of the lounge, this time mixed with the lounge of the Marriott Hotel.

They are growing pretty fast and it’s a deserved success under the sign of the French know-how of the hairstyle and the beauty.

We were wondering about how they achieved success while managing their own accounting tasks, as it’s one of the main challenges startups/SMEs face in order to be able to grow. Co-Founder of Version Française, Karine explained to us that initially, they were doing accounting by themselves and then realized actually how they could gain a lot of time and financial insights if they allow even a part-time finance manager to handle its accounting processes like bookkeeping, VAT procedures, Monthly reports, receivables/payables, stocks/inventories, etc.

“I’ve chosen CTC Accounting company as a part-time finance manager service provider because they have been recommended by my friends and they speak French,” said Karine and added, “I’m working with part-time finance managers from CTC Accounting for more than 2 years and the primary benefit I got from them was efficiency”.

While choosing the right accounting company for your startup/SMEs there are a couple of things that you will need to keep in mind: do they have clear explanations and help you to use the accounting tools properly? Do they go in-depth with the VAT procedure and clearing the books? Because these are the kind of issues that will save you a lot of time and bring your business an added value.

When we asked Karine about the current status of her business utilizing CTC Accounting services, she told us that CTC met her expectations from all aspects.

You can manage your business in a simplified manner while the bookkeeping of the company is getting done with a third party. If you need affordable and professional part-time finance manager support in Dubai, you can reach them out from this link>> http://www.ctconsultancyuae.com/ . This way you can just focus on developing your business rather than losing a lot of time with the accounting.

Simplify your startup’s management by letting the professional third parties dealing with your accounting processes!