Accounting System Design and Setup

If you are a new company or want to start maintaining books of accounts, our accounting team can set up your software and chart of accounts

Accounting Backlog

If you have accounting backlog for few months or even few years we can take up the entire work to complete the books of accounts and generate the financial statements and all kind of internal management reports

Book keeping and Accounting

We can enter your everyday transactions using double entries method, daily, weekly, monthly…


Business plans preparation, project report & Feasibility Studies

Studies include:

- Diagnostic studies including SWOT analysis
- Industry assessment
- Market analysis
- Competitive scenario analysis
- Financial feasibility studies and projections

Month end financials

Most companies in UAE require a monthly financial report with Monthly Profit & Loss and Updated Balance sheet.

Preparing Budget and Projections (Forecast) services

In coordination with your sales team, purchase team and your management forecast, we can prepare your budget, compare it every month with the actual figures, and prepare a reforecast every quarter/semester…

Accounts payable / receivable

We can take care of paying your bills and request payments from your clients sending them Statement of accounts and follow up their payments

Audit Preparation Services

We will prepare all the documents and information needed by your auditors before and during the audit.

Services of CTC Accounting

Cash Flow Analysis

Every month we will edit your cash flow analysis, with the projection for next 3 months (Short Term cash Flow). Using your budget, we can also prepare a annual cash flow forecast (Long Term cash Flow) which will help you to know when your business will encounter difficulties or not….

Developing accounting policies & procedures

In order to comply with IFRS, your company needs to follow a number of accounting rules and procedures, we will make sure that this is applied in your organization. We will help you to implement Documents such as for example: Purchase order approval, Payment approval, Business trip expenses approval, etc.

Payroll, company policies and procedures, etc.

We can edit pay slips for your employees, prepare the monthly WPS, create company policies and rules according to your company identity.


VAT Services

- VAT Registration/De-registration
- VAT Return Filing
- VAT Compliance
- VAT Filing Amendments

Inventory management

Stock is one of your most valuable asset, it’s very important to monitor it seriously, and we will make sure it is maintained in a proper way by doing regular stock check.

Operating Procedures, process improvement.

It’s important for every company to comply to a certain ethic, in order to get certifications (for example ISO, etc.). We will help you to implement Operating rules to increase your productivity and efficacy.

Cost control analysis

Creating a cost chart in order to evaluate your cost by work or project, can help you to establish your price and reduce your expenses.

Next Steps...

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