How She Chose the Accounting Company to Support Her Startup in Dubai?

Cécile Herman, co-founded “Culture Emulsion” together with Stéphane Brismontier in Dubai to bring something new in the region.

Strongly believing in this idea of promoting their culture in the UAE, they started working on a company that would bring the best of France to this country, from theatre plays to kids-friendly science exhibitions and became very successful in the region.


We were wondering about how they achieved success while managing their own accounting tasks, as it’s one of the main challenge startups face in order to be able to grow.

She explained that they founded Culture Emulsion in 2014 and only 4 years ago they thought of hiring a part-time finance manager so that she could focus on growing her business instead of administrative daily tasks.

“I met with the French Founder of CTC Accounting company Caroline Thevenot at a French Business Council’s event in Dubai and that’s how I began to work with them 4 years ago” said Cécile and she added “Previously, we handled accounting internally but the primary benefit that I received from CTC accounting was the structure, visibility and the accounting tools to make strategic decisions.”

She also mentioned that CTC Accounting met their expectations and now she is making decisions based on numbers and not on intuitions. If you need affordable and professional part-time finance manager support, you can reach them out from this link>>